New Freedom of Russia activists supported victims of political repression in Russia. Two young guys went on a peaceful picket and did not commit anything illegal! Yan Sidorov and Vlad Mordasov must be freed!

Активисты New Freedom of Russia поддержали жертв политических репрессий в России. Два молодых парня вышли на мирный пикет и не совершали ничего противозаконного! 
Ян Сидоров и Влад Мордасов должны быть свободны! 

The following people participated in the fundraising:

  • Shurigina Lubov
  • Meshavkin Vitaliy
  • Meshavkina Nadezhda
  • Drugovets Anna
  • Drugovets Dmitry
  • Mikhetkin Maxim
  • Mikhetkina Alexandra
  • Kazantsev Andrey
  • Lysenko Mikhail
  • Fedorov Denis
  • Iltyakov Sergey
  • Volchenko Evgeny
  • Gayfutdinov Vadim
  • Lysykh Olga
  • Malenko Evgenii
  • Malenko Nadezhda

Join the support. Russia will be free!

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